Our Mission

The Hoover Band is dedicated to developing lifelong musicianship, whatever path our students may take.

Our mission is to give students the knowledge, skills, and abilities to appreciate and perform music in
the next phase of their lives while building a strong community of service to school, community, and each other.

Hoover & Meredith Band Boosters

The purpose of the Hoover High School band booster organization shall be to promote the Hoover High School and Meredith Middle School band programs by assisting the band directors and school authorities in the development of an outstanding band program.

The object of the Hoover High School Band Boosters is to act as a resource for the band directors, act as advocates for the band program, advancing related issues to the school and district administrators, the Board of Education and the community, provide supplemental financial support, and work with other booster organizations for the promotion of the band program.

It is the vision and mission of the Hoover High School and Meredith Middle School band staff to provide the best possible experience for all band students at any level. Parent volunteerism through the booster organization plays a vital role in ensuring this outstanding experience for every band student.

Who Can Be a Part?

  • Any family of current, future, or past Hoover/Meredith band participants.
  • Any member of the community interested in supporting the program.

What We Do:

  • Act as a resource for the Band Staff
  • Advocate for the Band Program
  • Provide Supplemental Financial Support
  • Assist in the regular tasks of providing the best possible experience for all band members of the Hoover and Meredith bands.

What Can I do to Help?

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Booster meeting notes - September 18, 2023

Sharon Fife, Nathan Williams, and Dr. Armentrout were in attendance. We discussed upcoming events (September 28 football game, October 14 state marching, October 20 football game and senior night) and the need to engage more students and families in band activities. 

Critical updates:

  • President and Treasurer need to be replaced per bylaws
  • Minimum 5 people are needed for decisions at each meeting 
  • We are excited to engage students and families 6-12 Meredith and Hoover to build excitement for the band program
  • Please join us October 9, 6:00 pm in the band room. Dinner will be served, please RSVP by Friday October 6. We will vote on new positions AND plan ways to assist students and the band director in building the Hoover and Meredith bands.

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