Registration for the 2024 Hoover Jazz Festival will open by October 1, 2023!

We would like to invite all high and middle schools to enter into the 53rd annual Hoover Jazz Festival. Over 50 Central Iowa jazz bands regularly come to Hoover to compete, get professional comments, hear some great jazz, and get in one last shot to earn a spot in the Iowa Jazz Championships.

The festival was started in the 1970’s by Hoover director, Ron Battani, to increase jazz opportunities for central Iowa students. Of the dozens of jazz festivals now held across Iowa each year, Hoover remains one of the oldest. As it turns out, the Hoover JazzFest was a “test run” for another festival that Mr. Battani helped start – the Iowa Jazz Championships.

After all these years, the Hoover Jazz Festival remains one of the largest single-day jazz festivals in Iowa right behind the Iowa Jazz Championships.


This years Jazz Festival will take place Saturday March 2nd, 2024 at the Hoover High School

Registration will open by October 1, 2023!

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