The Hoover Band is dedicated to developing lifelong musicianship, whatever path our students may take.

Our mission is to give students the knowledge, skills, and abilities to appreciate and perform music in
the next phase of their lives while building a strong community of service to school, community, and each other.


Agenda/timeline for October 15th – IHSMA State Marching Festival

9:30am – Load Busses & Depart for Waukee High School Football Stadium
10:15am – Arrive at Stadium
10:30-11:00am – Get in uniform and ready for field warm-up
11:15am – Field Warm-up
11:45am – IHSMA Marching performance
12:00-12:30pm – Get back to the busses and start to pack up uniforms and equipment
1:00pm – Depart for Hoover HS
1:45pm – Arrive at HHS and unload busses/put equipment and uniforms back into closets and storage.

IHSMA State Marching Festival  

Directions to Waukee Stadium
From Hoover High School

Park Rd, Waukee, IA 50263